24 January 2010

Ak & Zuie /Stephen Jay gig Jan 16. 2010

The trip:

After a trip in which I found out what a chicken thigh feels like in a  Shake n' Bake bag, I arrived in Sunny California.  Cold for the locals, heavenly mild for me. After stopping at Pyramid Lake and taking some pictures got to Frazier Park kinda early so I drove around, beautiful area. Desert in FP, gigantic pine tree woods to the west of there, mountains everywhere (Illinois is mostly flat as a pancake, so I go gaga when I see mountains :-)). 

The show:

The place they were playing at is a small art gallery during the day. Cozy place full of locals except us "fangirls" that came from near and far; me, Nancy, Helen, Vikki and Tina. What a treat was to hear the guys play in such a cool setting. The sounds was as close to perfect as humanly possible. There is something very unique about hearing them play live as opposed than listening to their music on a CD, which is fantastic too. There is a lot of improvisation and mixture of rythms that you acan only achieve playing live. They even played a brand new song called "Cold in the Sun", watch for this one on Steve's MySpace and his website pretty soon. It has a very contagious reggaesque sound that you will love!. One song that they allways play that is one of my favorites is "Trouble". This song is good on CD but live you can really hear all the nuances a recording just cannot do justice to.  I did not write down the set list, too entranced with the music to do it, plus I was "field testing" my new camera on low light setting for the first time, I got side-tracked. Off the top of my head they played:

"Cool Dry Place"
"All of the Above"
"Cold in the Sun"
"Sea Never Dry"
"She was the One"
"Can't Wait Long"
"Thank You"
"Big Shoes"

As I think of the other stuff they played, I will add them.

At the end we had impromptu dancing, and jam sessions with two audience members, very cool. Three hours of great music and fun flew by!

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