05 November 2010

Manners, people! (Based on personal experiences)

OK, so I am going to get a bit preachy but some people annoy me in the theater in a bad, bad way.
  • Children less than 4 years old should not be brought into the theater under any circumstances! I got stuck in front of a screaming kid of no more than two and the dumb parents just sat there like it was not with them
  • If you don't like the play get up and walk out. It is a free country, after all. Don't sit there and grumble about it or worse yet, play on the phone/NintendoDS
  • People around you don't want the details of your latest colonoscopy or your hysterectomy. Keep personal stuff personal
  • Don't text during the play, especially if you feel the need to hold the phone at eye level.
  • Don't sing along out loud. No matter how good a singer you think you are, the people onstage sing better
  • Don't grumble if people need to crawl over you to get to their seats, as long as they do it before the play starts
  • Don't move up to an empty seat until after intermission, before that it is likely than the rightful owner of the seat will be coming in late
  • DON'T TAKE PICTURES!! You will be swiftly asked to erase them, or, if Patti Lupone is onstage she will stop the show to scream at you and you will be dragged out by the ushers (I did not witness this but the audio was on you tube, search for it)
  • Research the play you are going to see. A lady seating beside us during August:Osage County huffed every time the actors cussed onstage, she left after second intermission....
  • If your family does not get along, seat separately. The overture is not the place to have a fight with your mother over who will seat by your bratty teenage son and keep him from playing with his Nintendo DS
  • The overture is not the time to catch up with old friends that you run into at the theater. Sit down and shut up!
Enjoy the show :-)

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  1. I have encountered every one of those people at some point... so aggravating!