12 February 2010

August: Osage County-A VERY Dark Comedy

Went to see August: Osage County Thursday night. First and foremost.... leave the young ones at home for this one! This is not a play for children, or even most teens. Having said that, I had a blast watching the most dysfunctional/toxic family is America go at each other's throats for 3+ hours.

The Gist:

Beverly Weston is missing and his family gets together for the somber occasion. Mom is addicted to drugs (prescription ones). Dan is chronically unhappy, hence his disappearance and subsequent death. They have three daughters, each more toxic than the other than the other. This family openly hates and belittles each other mercilessly. Old grudges are rebooted and new ones are created until there is only one person standing... sort of...

Why I loved it:

This play is funny because what is going on onstage is so wrong, you cannot help but laugh because otherwise, you would be plain horrified. The Mother is brilliantly played by Estelle Parsons (she also played Roseanne's mom on Roseanne). This woman will one minute scare the crap out of you and the next you will wish she was dead. She does not speak her lines, she stabs the other people on stage with her words. She generates absolutely no sympathy even when she gets what she deserves at the very end of the play. The rest of the cast is equally fantastic. They all look so drained at the end of the play! The play is long, it has two 10 minute intermissions, but time seems to fly by as fast as the insults. If you like intensity in a play and don't mind profanity or are easily offended, you need to go see this one!

Rate: 5/5

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